How to Start and Scale Your Medical Transportation Business

Exclusive Coaching

Reserved for serious entrepreneurs, Joel leads our exclusive one-on-one coaching program designed to help you launch a new or revamp an existing business.  

Million Dollar Ebook

Joel's best-selling 324 page ebook, "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company," is your foundational resource to learning about our growing industry.

DVD Series

Some things just can't be taught in a book!  Joel's DVD Series go into greater detail discussing the particulars of starting, growing, and expanding your NEMT business.

MDT Business Plan

Unlike generic business plans designed to accommodate any business in any industry, the MDT Business Plan has been designed exclusively for the NEMT industry.

Custom Market Analysis

Interested in cultivating new business?  With this unique service we literally research and call hospitals, nursing, rehab, and assisted facilities to determine their transportation needs.

Business Valuation

Selling or purchasing an existing NEMT business?  Our business valuation will help you determine the true value of the business.  Don't overpay or sell too cheap! 

Private Pay Report

Would you like to build your private pay clientele?  Many providers focus only on Medicaid or broker work while neglecting profitable private pay clientele.

Dispatching Software

As an active UMTPG member you will save $20 per month on your subscription to Dispatching Made Easy, one of the most popular dispatching systems specific to the NEMT industry.