Benefits for Joining Our Medical Transportation Community

Insurance Savings

We are very pleased to have strategic relationships with insurance agent-partners around the country.  Their goal is to provide adequate covered at reduced premiums.

Letters of Endorsement

Nothing bolsters your credibility more than prospective customers and facilities receiving letters from the UMTPG underscoring your level of skill and training.

Profit/Loss Review

In an effort to help you increase profitability and efficiency, we welcome the opportunity to review your P/L statement(s) to offer feedback and suggestions.

Admin Accounting Software

Many business owners prefer a more simplistic accounting software system - one without excessive or confusing features that are rarely used by your accountant and you.

UMTPG Patches & Decals

Nothing underscores effective training and credibility than UMTPG patches featured on company uniforms and UMTPG decals displayed on vehicle doors/windows.

Questions & Answers

Although it doesn't replace targeted business development coaching and mentorship, we welcome the opportunity to answer some of your important NEMT related questions.  

Custom Website Design

Maintaining a professional website is important for introducing your medical transportation service and connecting with your audience.  An effective website should bolsters your credibility and allow you to gather targeted information from visitors.  Far too many providers either don't have a website, have outdated or poorly built websites, or pay excessively for something that should not be complicated.  Further benefits for active members is our team of professional developers who build and maintain custom websites for your NEMT business. 

Discount Dispatching Made Easy Software

One of the first and most popular dispatching software platforms specific to the NEMT industry, UMTPG members receive an exclusive membership rate to Dispatching Made Easy (DME) for ONLY $77 per month!   This includes access to the entire dispatching platform, mobile functionalities and applications for iPhone and Android mobile devices.  DME is HIPAA compliant with an unlimited number of users, trips, customers, and data and storage capacity with no additional cost, hidden fees, or long-term contracts.    

Medical Transportation Questions - Members Only Section

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