Need for the United Medical Transportation Providers Group

Founded by probably the most recognized name in the NEMT industry, Joel Davis created the United Medical Transportation Providers Group in response to a lack of unified continuity throughout our industry.  

In early 2010, Joel traveled to Boston to meet with a group of venture capitalist with the goal of securing funding for a large consortium of NEMT providers.  Although impressed by his success and experience in the NEMT industry, these venture capitalists found the lack of continuity and irregularities with rules and regulations between states problematic.  Despite their lack of vision for an industry on the rise, Joel instantly found inspiration for the need to form the United Medical Transportation Providers Group.

Since launching in 2010, the UMTPG has been able to boast membership in all 50 states and assisted countless member-providers ranging from new ventures to large fleets.

A native of upstate New York, Joel attended the United States Military Academy at West Point where he majored in pre-law, minored in systems engineering, and was captain of the 1995 varsity football team.

An entrepreneur by nature, Joel launched his first business, an NEMT service, in early 2000. After signing multiple contracts with major hospitals and associated facilities, Joel began mentoring other entrepreneurs on how to duplicate his success.  Since then, Joel has become a best-selling author, software developer, and builder of multiple multi-million dollar businesses.  

Joel is frequently retained to provide "expert testimony" for legal disputes associated with the medical transportation industry.  He is regularly engaged in business acquisitions and executive evaluations on behalf of client-providers as well as mentoring on business development, contracts and service agreements, negotiations, and arbitration.

Joel E. Davis, Founder, UMTPG

Joel E. Davis, Founder, UMTPG

Various Training Materials to Help Build Your NEMT Business

How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

An online best-seller, Joel reveals foundational elements to building a successful NEMT business.  Unlike other resources, there is no "filler content" or inaccurate claims.

How to Build a Million Dollar NEMT Business DVD Series

In this insightful five (5) disc Series, Joel literally shares insider strategies he and his clients use for soliciting, marketing, and positioning your business for growth and increased opportunity.  

One-on-One Coaching with Joel and his Executive Team

This is a unique and exceptional opportunity to literally work with Joel and enlist his help in building and/or troubleshooting your existing business to increase performance and enhance profit earning potential.  

Custom Market Analysis

A very unique and critically helpful service, members of Joel's staff literally research then call prospective facilities within your defined target market to discover points of contact, size of facility, and current level of assisted transportation needs.

The MDT Business Plan

Unlike generic business plans designed to "cut and paste" or auto-fill your information, this resource is designed exclusively for the NEMT industry.  Based on an actual market with facilities and provider names changed for anonymity purposes.

Dispatching Made Easy

One of the first and most popular dispatching software system designed exclusively for the NEMT industry, this platform skips all the "bells and whistles" and fails to offer features and functionalities unrelated to the NEMT industry.