Endorsing Your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company

If you're an active UMTPG member and qualifying transporter, we welcome the opportunity to prepare and send Letters of endorsement on behalf of your non emergency medical transportation company.  

Accompanying each letter will be a signed Certificate of Completion & Certification underscoring some of the skills and training you will have gained in either working directly with our Founder, Joel Davis,  one-on-one, studying his training DVDs, or attending one of his live seminar events.

Arriving by mail from a third party association such as the UMTPG, letters of endorsement and accompanying Certificate of Completion and Certification are very convincing to prospective customers, staff, and facilities.  

Additional particulars associated with this benefit include the following:

Duplicate copies of letters of endorsement will be mailed to member-providers for their records

Requests for letters should be ONLY for staff with whom you have personally met in person.  Sending letters and Certification to staff you have not personally met, essentially, equates to "junk mail" and is not an ideal use of time and effort 

Because of the many letters we send out each week on behalf of our member-providers, we ask that you request no more than five (5) letters per week

Requests for letters should be sent by email and should include the first and last name of person, title, name of facility, and address

Letters and Certification will ONLY be sent on behalf of member-providers who have either (1) attended one of Joel's live events, (2) studied Joel's DVD Series, or (3) worked one-on-one with Joel and his team