Interested in Providing Special Needs Transportation for the VA?

The government is routinely conducting market research for “special needs ground transportation” and we are pleased to share VA contract information with active UMTPG members whenever notices and associated information is received.  Prior to offering a Request for Proposal (RFP), the VA will frequently issue a Sources Sought Notice (SSN) or a Request for Information (RFI) to gain market research and assess the level of interest, competency, and capabilities of potential providers. 

In “How to Evaluate and Prepare a Response to a Veterans Affairs Sources Sought Notice,” Joel is going to lead you through an actual VA SSN to define key terms, itemize possible concerns, discuss benefits, and makes suggestions for how best to respond and engage the Contracting Officer.

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Founded in 2010, the UMTPG was created in response to a lack of continuity, organization, and accurate information throughout the medical transportation industry.

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We're here to serve, educate, enhance, and preserve the interests of the medical transportation industry and our member-partners.

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Dedicated to helping you be successful in the medical transportation industry, there are many benefits to becoming an active UMTPG member-partner.

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So many satisfied members can't be wrong!   UMTPG media is please to provide you with a professional and engaging website that is fully functional on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  Your website will bolster your image and help you connect with potential customers, family members, and facility staff.  

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Our team of experienced developers are pleased to create a professional and engaging website for you

Our team of experienced developers are pleased to create a professional and engaging website for you

WARNING:  The United Medical Transportation Provers Group is NOT a “Country Club Association.”  We are focused on providing tools, resources, and information to assist each client-provider to grow  and enhance their business based on their specific vision, resources, and community dynamics.


If you prefer attending trade shows to pass out business cards or desire a back-slapping club environment to boast of fleet size or number of employees, we encourage you to consider other possible groups or organizations.  The UMTPG is solutions-oriented, not social-oriented. 

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