Our History

Founded in 2010, the UMTPG was created in response to a lack of continuity, organization, and accurate information throughout the medical transportation industry.

Our Purpose, Vision & Mission

We're here to serve, educate, enhance, and preserve the interests of the medical transportation industry and our member-partners.

Our Benefits

Dedicated to helping you be successful in the medical transportation industry, there are many benefits to becoming an active UMTPG member-partner.

WARNING:  The United Medical Transportation Provers Group is NOT a “Country Club Association.”  We are focused on providing tools, resources, and information to assist each client-provider to grow  and enhance their business based on their specific vision, resources, and community dynamics.


If you prefer attending trade shows to pass out business cards or desire a back-slapping club environment to boast of fleet size or number of employees, we encourage you to consider other possible groups or organizations.  The UMTPG is solutions-oriented, not social-oriented. 

Contact Us

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United Medical Transportation Providers Group

P.O. Box 10, Bible School Park, NY 13737, US

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