Supporting Medical Transportation Providers

The United Medical Transportation Providers Group (UMTPG) is designed and dedicated to helping you be successful in the medical transportation industry.  As the elderly population continues to double in size and demand, the medical industry grows and becomes more dynamic and technologically advanced, the demand for various support services increases.

Intrigued by maximizing the growing opportunities in our industry, many new and experienced entrepreneurs see the value in owning a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service. However, despite the many diverse and growing opportunities in our industry, many providers fail because they don't understand various aspects of our industry and, thus, don't know how to properly scale and multiply their business.  

Many providers, some who are experienced entrepreneurs, are confused by the wide array of misinformation readily available online.  Such inaccurate information typically leads to frustration and a waste of time, effort, and sometimes money.   

Whether it's finding the right vehicles, equipment, insurance, and information, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group is dedicated to providing you with targeted and accurate information and opportunities so you can properly build and scale your business.  The UMTPG will continue to serve as a content rich venue to glean relevant information and resources associated with our growing industry.


WARNING:  The United Medical Transportation Provers Group is NOT a “Country Club Association.”  We are focused on providing tools, resources, and information to assist each client-provider to grow  and enhance their business based on their specific vision, resources, and community dynamics.


If you prefer attending trade shows to pass out business cards or desire a back-slapping club environment to boast of fleet size or number of employees, we encourage you to consider other possible groups or organizations.  The UMTPG is solutions-oriented, not social-oriented.


Our Purpose

The United Medical Transportation Providers Group is a group of providers for providers.  Our purpose is to provide a networking and educational platform to best serve our member-providers and enhance the medical transportation industry.

Our Vision

To grow a strong network of the most skilled, well equipped, knowledgeable, and profitable member-providers to further advance our industry opportunities while positively representing the UMTPG.

Our Mission

To educate, train, and support our member-providers so they are properly equipped with the best knowledge, understanding, and skills to be successful in our growing industry.