How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

A foundational "must read," this ebook is more than 320 content-rich pages of detailed information and strategies for starting, building, and scaling your NEMT business.

Joel Davis, author and founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group, updates  this best-selling resource annually to ensure industry accuracy.  

Unlike other NEMT resources commonly offered online, “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company” does not provide inaccurate information, general business advice or simplistic strategies.  Rather, Joel provides targeted strategies and solutions based on his personal successful experiences in the medical transportation industry and the successes of many of his client-providers from across the country. 

Joel's ebook discusses important topics not addressed by others to include (1) changes to the Medicaid system and associated brokers, (2) the impact of ride sharing services and how to ensure exponential growth, (3) how to grow your business so you can pursue contracts, service agreements, and RFPs, (4) how to establish effective daily dispatch and logistics to ensure profitability, (5) vehicle and asset acquisition and personnel management to ensure scalability of your business so you don't remain a perpetual independent operator, and much, much more.

Where other resources, online blogs and videos present starting an NEMT business to be as easy as acquiring a vehicle and handing out business cards, Joel shares all aspects of the industry - "the good, the bad, and ugly."  Joel insists on sharing how and where he made and lost money so you can learn from his mistakes and more quickly duplicate his success.

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"I encourage you to consider the source, because when you least expect it you might need real help!"

Don't fall victim to knockoffs!  "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company" is a critical resource authored by an expert in the industry.  

My business partner and I started our company in 2014.  We purchased Joel’s material and studied his DVDs.  We were off to a great start and doing very well when, tragically, my partner unexpectedly passed away in 2016. This was a very difficult time for our company and respective families.              


Further complicating this difficult ordeal was the unexpected legal battle between my business partner’s widow and our company.  Without disclosing all of the associated details, they claimed our business was valued at much more than it was.  Had they won, we would have had no choice but to sell immediately or close our doors.              


Not sure of what to do, I reached out to Joel and retained his services.  Joel performed an executive business evaluation for our company and worked closely with my attorney. Joel’s findings directly refuted what the plaintiff, their attorney and their business broker claimed our business was worth. This legal dispute went to trial in early 2018 and Joel was called to testify as an industry expert and to provide testimony of the value of our company at the time of my partners passing.  In April 2018 we received the judge’s ruling who agreed with Joel’s valuation of our business. Needless to say, Joel’s help was critical in helping us keep our business and bring this lengthy and costly legal dispute to a close.  

I can't thank Joel enough. We used Joel’s information to get started, which was great, but nothing compared to his help when we needed it most.  Joel really is The Authority in the NEMT industry and I encourage everyone to listen to his advice. I know everyone claims to be a guru or an expert and there is a lot of stuff online, but I encourage you to consider the source because when you least expect it you might need real help.  After personally working with Joel during this difficult time and relying on his expert testimony, I gladly tell everyone Joel is the real deal.              


Thank you,
Richard Dent 

Joel Davis' Best-Selling Ebook

How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company


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What others are saying about Joel's ebook

"Joel's ebook is the best ebook I ever invested in. I wasted $90 on another  NEMT ebook which proved to be nothing but preformatted crap I could  have got any where! Despite that initial setback, I took a chance on Joel's ebook which was the single best investment - I recommend  it to anyone serious about the NEMT business." 

"This is the Bible of the NEMT industry. This ebook gave me my start. I left UPS after 20 years and started my own NEMT business. I have since expanded into courier, rentals, and now the home care industry. I still refer back to Joel's ebook for counsel." 

"….if you are serious about being successful in the NEMT business then this is a must read. I hesitate to buy things online but I couldn't pass this opportunity up. I am glad I didn't. I continue to study Joel's material and follow his step by step advice and study his DVDs. I recommend Joel's material from first hand experience."