Custom Website Design

Our goal is to ensure you look professional, your message is targeted to the NEMT industry versus taxi, limo, or other industries, that your site is fully functional on a desktop and mobile device, it allows you to engage with and gather visitor information, and it is cost effective - that you are not paying thousands of dollars for services and features you do not need. 

We are very pleased to offer our member-partners exclusive service to professional website development and maintenance.  

The core structure of your website will include the following six (6) pages:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Page
  3. Services Page
  4. FAQ Page
  5. Request Transportation Page
  6. Contact Us Page

Additional pages can be created at a rate of $95 per page.

Your website will include a combination of stock and custom image.  Custom images can be provided by you and/or created by our development team.

Based on information you provide, we welcome the opportunity to create the general content and verbiage for each page to ensure you look polished, experienced and professional.  We welcome your feedback and insight to ensure the text and content meets your approval.


Development of your six (6) page website totals $899.  Hosting for your website is included with your monthly reoccurring UMTPG membership due of $47 per month.   

Itemized development charges are as follows:

  1.  Six (6) pages at $95 per page = $570
  2.  Setup fees including SSL certificate = $297
  3.  URL processing = $32 


Our developers will only work on new websites and will not attempt to edit or repair existing websites.

Due to existing projects and time for development, please allow up to four (4) weeks for delivery of your six (6) page website.  With your help and assistance in providing our team with necessary information and images, our developers can work to expedite delivery.

Hosting and maintenance fees are included with your monthly UMTPG membership dues.

Development services include website development with custom per-page search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase your online visibility.  However, we do not list your website on unique local listings, community boards, review sites, or social media and we do not include development of a shopping cart.

Because development of your website is a custom project, requests for refunds, either partial or in-full, will not be honored.  


Although we are not directly affiliated with GoDaddy, we prefer to use GoDaddy services because of their unlimited 24/7 customer support.  If you do not currently have a website and have not yet reserved a URL, please let us know.  We welcome the opportunity to offer suggestions for choosing the "right" URL for your website.  Thereafter, we suggest using GoDaddy to reserve your URL.

If you currently have an active website to be replaced, you will need to deactivate your existing site and, when ready, point your URL to your new site.  


To enlist the help of our development team in building your custom website, please share your information below.  

You will receive an electronic invoice via email that can be paid using any major credit card.  Thereafter, our team will contact you via email to request pertinent information required to start your project.

Custom Website Development Reservation